The workshop has the objective to encourage ideas brainstorming and the definition of formal and dynamic elements of Social Power gamified App. The method proposed goes through the fundamental game design steps improved by some user experience design insights. About the methodological approach we mainly follow Tracy Fullerton’s (Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Create Innovative Games, 2008) and Radoff’s (Game On: Energize Your Business with Social Media Games, 2011) studies about game design and social network engagement respectively. Two contextualized case studies have been introduced at the beginning to inspire meaningful social game mechanics along to the key elements that define the context of energy consumption at home. Here we identify common knowledge needs around electrical appliances use and it was the key to start. The second and third parts were addressed to turn energy consumption behaviour into fun and define the gameplay experience. The last part will be dedicated to the final discussion. We tested some game design cards for mastering the game concept.

We thanks the special guests: Mr. Bryan Mundell from Adventerra Games; Emilia Ciardi & Pasquale Granato from SparklingLabs; Andrea Gallazzi & Luca Menghini from GiochinTavola; and all the participants: Vanessa De Luca, Roberta Castri, Francesca Cellina, Nikolett Kovacs, Giovanni Profeta, Massimo Botta from SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland); Alessandro Barazzetti & Rosangela Mastronardi from QBT and Devon Wemyss, Christian Hertach ZHAW.

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