Understanding the «Social» of Social Power Plus

The Social Power Plus app is still in use, however the main intensive phase of energy savings is over. We have analysed the data from this intensive phase to understand more about the “Social” aspect of the project, in particular:

  • Who is using the app?
  • How were people interacting with each other on the app’s pinboard?

The app has been designed to help people learn from the tips and challenges in the app, but also to learn from each other through the pinboard. But who are these people?

220 people originally joined the app (75% men, average age of 51 years old), with about 100 people regularly using the app.

App openings over the intensive use phase of the app.

Age range of participants from 28 to 83!

And how have these people used the app to connect to each other? We analysed the use of the pinboard: it was used actively by about 10% of the users by mostly asking and answering questions. While this is not a lot of exchange, participants also mentioned that they passively read other people’s pinboard posts but did not want to add anything themselves.

Interaction intensity between different app users

So, as is typical in such a multi-faceted app, there were people who were more “social” and others that were more interested in their energy consumption data or the energy savings tips. We are pleased to see that all the different app features were found to be useful and will continue to work on improving a collective impact through a lot of people making their own individual impact. When we add it all together, we can create “social power”.