Here we go! 230 households are Energiesparfüchse!

On Feb 1, we launched the new Social Power Plus app for the registered participants in the regions of Schaffhausen, Winterthur and Wil. The app can be used to monitor the daily and weekly energy consumption, take part in challenges to save energy, get tips for saving energy in different parts of your home, and share personal experiences and suggestions between participants.

On the evening of Feb 1, we held a short introduction session to get to know each other a little better, finding our why people wanted to participate, and explaining the app.

We look forward to see how people get to know the app and their energy consumption.

The energy saving competition is about to start!

It has been a while since the participating households signed up for the project “Social Power Plus: We are the energy saving foxes” in autumn.
In the meantime, the energy meters have been installed at EKS customers’ homes. We have also finished the app and created the necessary technical configurations so that the app will display the correct data for each household. In fact, the Social Power Plus energy-saving competition will soon get underway!
At the end of January, participants will receive the first online survey via email and at the beginning of February, households will be able to download the Social Power Plus app and monitor their energy consumption in various displays. Households can set their own savings targets, take part in energy-saving challenges, read and write their own energy tips and compete to win the regional energy-saving competition.

Join our energy saving challenge

Saving energy and using it efficiently? It’s not always easy – but we can help you! If you are a customer of EKS, Stadtwerk or TBW then take part in the campaign “We are the energy saving foxes”: You will see your energy data (electricity and heating) and receive practical energy saving tips from us and the other energy saving foxes in the region! We are looking for 100 households per region.

You can find more information, participation requirements and registration here.


Behave 2020-2021 conference

The 21 April Francesca Cellina presents “Social Power Plus: Empowering households to energy sufficiency through co-designed app-based community energy challenges” at Behave 2021 Conference promoted by Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency.

At the same panel: Digital Solutions for Behaviour Change

Dr. Devon Wemyss presents “Same, Same But Different: Academic and Commercial Perspectives on APP-Based Energy Behaviour Change”.

Conference link

Social Power Plus: energy saving in households is a collective challenge

Social Power Plus is an app-based community energy challenge aimed at promoting energy saving in households through a fun and gameful approach. The app and energy challenge will tackle both electricity and heating energy consumption and will be co-created with a group of interested citizens in a living lab approach. The effectiveness of the app will be assessed through a field test involving households living in the districts of the Swiss utility companies EKS (link), Technische Betriebe Wil (link) and Stadtwerk Winterthur (link). Do you live in such districts and would you like to join the living lab? Come back soon to visit this page and discover how to be part of the project!