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Thank you very much for your interest in the Social Power Plus app. The app is used within the Social Power Plus research project.
During a 3-month Social Power Plus Community Energy Challenge (February-April 2022) and the subsequent 8 months (May-December 2022) you will have installed the Social Power Plus app developed by us on your smartphone. The app shows you various information and tips on your energy consumption and invites you to join challenges to reduce it. By installing the Social Power Plus app, you thus agree to participate in the test phase of the Swiss research project Social Power Plus, which is co-funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Stadtwerk Winterthur (SWW), Technische Betriebe Wil (TBW), and Elektrizitätswerk des Kantons Schaffhausen (EKS), and is run by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and CLEMAP. For more information on the project, visit our website:

Type of data collected during Social Power Plus
The following household data will be collected during the Social Power Plus app between January and December 2022 and evaluated in a pseudonymised form for research purposes (the data are not associated with your person/household):

  • Electricity consumption per hour from house electricity smart meter or CLEMAP sensor;
  • Gas consumption per hour (only for customers of TBW) from house gas smart meter;
  • Duration and frequency of use of the app.

Besides such data, participants to the Social Power Plus project will also be requested to answer three online questionnaires, providing information on the broader context around their energy consumption practices.

Data treatment and storage during Social Power Plus
In full compliance with national and international laws on data protection, all the personal information collected in the Social Power Plus project will be kept strictly confidential and will not be either published or distributed to third parties, if not under aggregate and anonymous conditions. Neither individual data nor statistical elaborations performed on the collected data will in fact be distributed outside the research team directly involved in Social Power Plus (SUPSI, ZHAW, and CLEMAP), that allow the identification of single Social Power Plus users.
Individual data collected by the Social Power Plus app and the three related questionnaires will be stored in data-bases hosted in the European Union, on servers that guarantee the needed security measures against loss, theft, or illicit access and elaboration by third parties. Only researchers of ZHAW, SUPSI, and CLEMAP directly involved in the Social Power Plus project will be allowed to access the individual data collected, which will only be used for research purposes, to either monitor the development of the Social Power Plus Community Energy Challenge or assess its overall effectiveness. By accepting the Privacy policy at app registration, and then by using the Social Power Plus app, the users authorize SUPSI’s, ZHAW’s, and CLEMAP’s researchers to collect their own data and then to use them for research purposes.
At the end of the project, data collected in Social Power Plus might be made available on open access data repository platforms, such as for instance the Swiss platform Zenodo. In such a case, they would only be made available in a fully anonymized form, which totally excludes any possibility that they can be associated with your person/household.

Sharing of personal data with other social Power Plus participants
The other households participating to Social Power Plus will never be shown information about your individual energy consumption data. They will only be provided with information on the average energy savings of all the households of the same category as theirs (families, households of adults younger than 65 years, or adults older than 65 years). Namely, energy savings of a single household will be part of the average of that respective household category, but only aggregate values for each category will be shown to other participants.
Other participants will be shown your house name and your picture if you post messages in the Pinboard section (such as for instance when completing a challenge or when posting any comments in the Pinboard). You can select the house name and associated picture at registration in the app.

Oblivion right
Participation to Social Power Plus is a voluntary choice, therefore participants have the right to leave the project and stop using the Social Power Plus app at any time, without providing reasons for this. For this purpose, participants will have to write us at, asking to be removed from the list of registered users. At the same time, they can also ask that the collected data related to their household are removed from the Social Power Plus data-bases.
Since this is an important aspect for research purposes, participants wishing to leave the project and/or asking to cancel their data will be asked the reasons via an online, anonymous, short questionnaire. However, answering the questionnaire will not be compulsory.

Contact reference for any questions
If you have any questions or concerns on the Social Power Plus Community Energy Challenge, please contact the Social Power Plus team at or +41 58 934 72 91.
For general information on the Social Power Plus project, please contact the project leader at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland: Francesca Cellina, tel. +41 (0)58 666 6261,

Have you read carefully our privacy policy and the related declaration of consent?
Do you agree to the collection and use of the data as described above?
If you agree, you can register your account on the Social Power Plus app.