Tutorial and video

Welcome to Social Power Plus

Get an introduction to the Social Power Plus app via our short video!

First time accessing the app?
Register your accountYou can find your “house code” in the email invitation sent from Social Power Plus.
Your house name and picture will be shown to other app users. Other people in your house can also sign up using the same house code but with their email address.

How much energy do you want to save?Move the slider to set your energy consumption and savings goal, for both heating and  electrical appliances and devices (non-heating)  consumption.

Every week you can check  whether you are reaching your goals

If you consumed less energy than your baseline, the background is green: you saved energy! While if you consumed more than your starting point, the background is red. Keep on trying to save! Your baseline is always your average consumption collected from the last month.

You can explore your daily, weekly or long-term consumptionJust remember that consumption data will only be shown in Social Power Plus on the day after they have occurred.

Learn how much energy you use to heat your house and satisfy all your other needsIf you heat your house with electricity (via a heat pump or directly), Social Power Plus estimates the amount of energy you use for heating purposes (“Heating”) and other purposes (“Non-Heating”). Total consumption can also be viewed. “Heating” also includes the energy used to heat hot water, if this is also done via the heating system.
In Wil, all gas consumption (including that for hot water and possibly cooking) is shown under the category “Heating”.
If you have a separate boiler (or a separate electric heating system) independent of the heating system, this energy is attributed to the category “Non-Heating” in Winterthur and Wil. In Schaffhausen, separate boilers/electric heaters are also attributed to the “Heating” category.

You can also compare with similar households
Is your household a family with kids, or a household of older (65+) or younger adults?
Social Power Plus shows you how much energy is saved by the other participating households similar to yours.
Did you save more energy than them?

Do you need suggestions on how to save energy?
Explore the list of tips that Social Power Plus provides you.
They are organized around different themes of energy use at home and new topics come up every two weeks. In each theme you find different tips and an indication of their impact.

Are you ready to challenge yourself with energy saving practices at home?Join the Social Power Plus individual challenges that are released every two weeks.
You can join how many challenges you like and also repeat them over time.

 Choose the level of difficulty that specifically suits you
And then commit to it! You have two weeks to keep engaged into the challenge you committed to and complete it.

 To complete the challenge, just share your experience on the PinboardFollow the suggestions provided by the app and shortly comment on how your daily practices changed. You can also add pictures, to show the other participants what you did.

You can also explore the messages the other participants posted on the PinboardRead about the experiences of others participating in the challenge and learn from their comments and suggestions on how to change the energy consumption practices at home.
The pinboards are open to everyone, also those not within the challenge.
You can also exchange in the “General” pinboard to ask questions, get ideas or meet the other participants.

Help your region win the Regional Energy CompetitionsDuring the last week of every month, save as much energy as possible: your energy consumption contributes to the Regional Energy Competition.
Will households of the region of Winterthur, Schaffhausen or Wil save more energy?

Do you need help or support?
Check our FAQs or contact us at socialpowerplus@zhaw.ch